Handling Fall Allergies Naturally

As the enchanting colors of autumn fill the air, so do the pesky fall allergies that can dampen our spirits. You know the drill: endless sneezing, itchy eyes, and never-ending congestion. It's a less-than-pleasant experience. 

Known solutions I've benefited from in fighting seasonal allergies are Chiropractic and Acupuncture. See Dr. Mel (chiropracticatserenbe.comand Emily.

Let us also introduce The Trifecta for Fighting Fall Allergies: Allergy Defense, Spirulina and Biocharger Trifecta. Sometimes, it's all the things to bid farewell to those irritating allergies and welcome a sniffle-free season this fall. 

As nature embraces its winter slumber, allergens such as mold spores and pollen from ragweed, grass, and trees swirl through the air, triggering our immune system's overreaction. Thanks, nature!

The symptoms of fall allergies are all too familiar – sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, sinus pressure, a runny or stuffy nose, coughing, and even a sore throat. These unwelcome companions can turn even the simplest daily tasks into daunting challenges. My allergies used to wipe me out: sneezing, headaches, followed by exhaustion. 

Conventional treatments may fall short of providing effective relief when battling fall allergies. Over-the-counter pills and nasal sprays can often have unpleasant side effects, leaving you drowsy and dry mouth. 

This is where the superhero Trifecta of Allergy Defense, Spirulina and Biocharger unite. 

    Cymbiotika's Allergy Defense is a natural solution with a powerful blend of antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and medicinal herbs that support your seasonal allergies and boost your immunity. Allergy Defense alleviates annoying symptoms but also protects your immune system and promotes overall health. And the best part? It's made with clean ingredients, free from harmful additives or fillers. It's like giving your allergies a one-two punch! 

    In regard to histamine, we know that basically anything that increases inflammation, increases histamine. The good news is that all three REDUCE inflammation and in fact, many clients have told us that taking spirulina REDUCES their histamine production and helps reduce their allergies. HERE is a scientific article about the anti-inflammatory benefits of spirulina that may relate to histamine.
    It's also possible that issues with histamine in Spirulina is related to the iodine content. Our algae tablets are grown in 100% purified fresh spring water, and therefore do not contain iodine (unlike algae grown in the ocean).

    Lastly, Enter Biocharger – a game-changing device that takes your allergy-fighting journey to new heights: relieves the symptoms of allergies, reduces inflammation, improves respiratory function, and clears nasal congestion. Biocharger helps strengthen your immune system and reduce the severity of allergic reactions and is designed to enhance your body's cellular energy through pulsed electromagnetic frequencies, harmonics, and voltage. You charge your devices daily, don't you? 

    An example of three recipes, all under 15 minutes:

    • Biocharger's Allergy Assist: a 9-stage recipe to combat allergies. 
    • Biocharger's Histamine Calm: a 13-stage recipe that is designed to support adjunctively balancing histamine levels.
    • Biocharger's Anaphylaxis Assist is an 11-stage recipe designed to support allergy reactions, especially anaphylaxis and related conditions.

    Imagine each day without battling a runny nose or eyes that won't stop itching. Tackling fall allergies is achievable with the power of Biocharger and Allergy Defense. Say goodbye to conventional treatments and their unpleasant side effects and welcome a natural solution that paves the way for a sniffle-free season. Your sinuses will thank you later. Stop in or Sign up https://go.booker.com/location/creekretreat/service-menu and let the Biocharger and Allergy Defense healing force be your allies in the fight against fall allergies.

    While we are not medical professionals, don't play one on TV or YouTube, we cannot give medical advice. In addition, we don't test on animals but we do test on ourselves. So we are sharing our own experience and what are clients have shared with us. Lastly, we are not here to take any money away from the establishment.