Retreat Into Wellness

Experience skin and body transformation at Creek Retreat, where beauty meets biohacking.

Creek Retreat, located in Chattahoochee Hills in the well-being community of Serenbe, brings highly researched solutions that empower our clients to live their fullest, most beautiful lives. Creek Retreat’s innovative collection of curated treatments, products, and amenities targets beauty, healing, and wellness at the molecular level, promoting rejuvenation, regrowth, and recovery.

“Our approach is Health: Life Span and Health Span, Performance: Physical and Mental, and Aesthetic: Face and Body.”
- Greg Kasparian and Amanda Hazen, Co-Founders, Creek Retreat

Transform, nurture, and enhance your vitality through the art and science of biohacking.

Does it make sense that we live in a society where the majority of our healthcare dollars are spent in the last few years of life? Or living in a normalized system of waiting until pain, dis-ease or illness causes us to seek comprehensive treatment? Creek Retreat believes in beauty and wellness from the inside and out, fostering the philosophy that investing in wellness now will create longevity and prosperity in the future. While we offer incredible esthetic services for face and body treatments like HydraFacials and body contouring, our treatment modalities go beyond to target overall health, healing, and wellness - beauty inside and outside.

“Our personal goal is to curate the ability to live a vibrant life of total well-being and share this with our community. If you are looking for solutions to support your health optimization, well-being, flexibility, mobility, strength, and beauty, we are here to support your journey.”
- Greg Kasparian, Co-Founder, Creek Retreat

Navigating Your Wellness Labyrinth

Starting this journey to true well-being can feel like a maze. It’s the antithesis of the current paradigm. Creek Retreat’s approaches are at the forefront of scientific research and we approach wellness like a thoughtful labyrinth, not a maze - helping our clients make a guided journey to achieve their desired wants, needs and outcomes. Walking out feeling better than when they arrived. We facilitate our guests’ pursuit of beauty, body, and well-being with measured guidance and applied science, including biotechnologies that push the modern healthcare envelope.

Creek Retreat’s state-of-the-art facility is home to cutting-edge, non-invasive treatments and care in the areas of nutrition, beauty, pain management, and muscle recovery to holistically reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and improve lifeforce at the molecular level. And a strong focus on the mitochondrial DNA rather than the DNA itself.

We work with individuals to identify their greatest areas of need and develop a unique formula of services to optimize their health and longevity. It is our mission to help people gain the ability to live without limitations and take command of their health, asking each guest in charge of their health and well-being as the CEO of this process. Again, the antithesis of the current system. Think decentralized wellness vs. centralized medicine. You can always go back to the centralized model anytime you’d like.

Complete wellness requires a deep understanding and acceptance of self, with access to the tools, strategies, and protocols to affect the changes we seek in mind, body, and spirit. With the guidance of Creek Retreat, our guests gain the ability to assess internal needs and approach their healing from the inside-out approach.

Finding internal calm, paired with our rejuvenating treatments, has the potential to relieve the stress, overthinking, and negativity that reverberate into our physical health through hormone imbalance, mitochondrial dysfunction, anxiety, and high blood pressure, among other ailments.

Serenbe's Wellness Hamlet - Mado

Your relaxing and invigorating experience at Creek Retreat begins in Serenbe’s wellness hamlet of Mado in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, southwest of Atlanta. The former woodlands and agrarian setting that manifested into Serenbe, a fusion of the words “serenity” and “be,” is the picturesque location for a transformative sanctuary.

The idyllic hamlet of Mado, named for the Creek Indian word that means “things in balance,” offers diverse businesses that support sustainability, health, wellness, and creativity. Pilates and yoga studios, IV Therapy, a juice shop, physical therapists, wellness journeys, and hiking trails are among the commodities Mado offers residents and visitors.

Meet Our Founders

Greg’s professional background is deeply rooted in the beauty, spa, and wellness space, including his role in the opening of the International Dermal Institute in NYC, through his innovative work developing and expanding well-known brands like Aveda, Demologica, and HydraFacial. His career complements Amanda’s wealth of experience in NYC in fitness, nutrition, and research.

Inspired by the natural beauty and peace of Serenbe, Creek Retreat owner Greg Kasparian declared his intention to curate and co-founded the wellness destination with his wife, Amanda Hazen, in August 2017. During an energetic transition in their lives, Greg and Amanda explored communities around the country, guided serendipitous to choosing Serenbe.

The catalyst to create Creek Retreat came just two weeks later - the fruitful result of an emotional intelligence workshop that Greg and Amanda attended at his nephew FJ’s recommendation.

What began as a vision - a declaration of a wellness retreat that encapsulated all the best practices, techniques, and technologies of the beauty and wellness industry paired with science-backed methodologies delivered in a holistic approach - was born when Greg made this public declaration in front of 200 people of his intention to lift such a place at the workshop he attended. Having no idea, neither did Amanda have any idea what he meant, but resting in the knowing that it would unfold as is the universe's design.

Creek Retreat was built on passion, and purpose; the core business components radiate through Greg and Amanda. It is their mission to empower as many people as possible with the knowledge and science to adapt and transform human biology to actively pursue a long and happy life. Always at the forefront of breakthroughs in the beauty, biohacking, and spa arenas, Greg has nearly three decades of experience developing industry best practices that create exceptional and meaningful experiences for clients. His intense knowledge of the science of beauty products has yielded incredible and affordable skin care products, curated nootropics, and nutritional products.

The first “unofficial” business in the Mado Hamlet in Serenbe, Creek Retreat has grown from the Terrace Level apartment of a townhouse to full office space, complete with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, cryotherapy chambers, Red and Far infrared mat, panels, and a heated 360 cocoon, HydraFacials and so much more that all contribute to the envelopment of calm and restoration that is Creek Retreat.

“At Creek Retreat, you experience incredible skincare and body results, complete relaxation, but at the same time, you are reinvigorating yourself on a much deeper level.”
- Amanda Hazen, Co-Founder, Creek Retreat

We invite you to journey into Creek Retreat, we look forward to offering guidance in your beauty and biohacking experiences!