Appreciation & Thanks

Many thanks to all those that have helped along the way.

It takes a village, or a hamlet.  
Many thanks and appreciation to:
  • Amanda, for her insight to start small and let it occur organically, to start in our work/live, for her hours of listening to me hash out ideas, for the heartbeat, soul, sound, aroma, vibe, and contribution.
  • Garnie, for saying, “Do it!” before I even finished describing what I wanted to do - way before it was fully conceptualized.
  • Steve, for all his encouragement and support with our vision. Oh, and for donating his face to market research.
  • Stacy and Jason, as earlier pioneers, they gave great insight, collaboration, and open hearts with their sharing of ideas extensive and detailed.
  • TJ and Natalie, for being one of the first and all their ongoing encouragement.
  • Cathy, for posting on the neighbors FB page which started the buzz. Al, the mayor, for his encouragement, donating his face to science and “the blanket” – great idea!
  • Ariel, for all his hard work, dragging me into the 21st century, and so many ideas too numerous to mention.
  • Nick, for all his council, idea sharing, encouragement, mostly during his artisan cuts. Oh, and being cool with sharing the platform of Proper Hair.
  • Wanda, for her excellent feedback and a memorable happy hour at the Inn, which led to … Danielle and Sunny co-creating with the name G-glow (no, alcohol wasn’t involved…)
  • Dawn, for reminding me of the signature aroma! I worked at Aveda in the 90’s – duh! It was right under my nose.
  • April, for the reminder of sound. Not just music, but sound
  • Judy, for her introductions, ideas about art, encouragement, and excitement in the Fall and incredible graphic design this Winter.
  • Debra Duneier, for her design, inspiration from her book, EcoChi, the creek name, and guiding the flow, of Chi through the layers of this project.

Thank you!